Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's about time...some fun waves here in Bay Head. Rode a classic 1970s shape & had a blast.

After a few week flat spell, we had some fun waist to chest high peelers in Bay Head...up the road from the shop.  A nice little South swell...Water 42 degrees and air 45 degrees, offshore winds and super clean.
A shot of Bay Head from this morning...thanks Skeeter.

 A couple years back, I picked up a 7'10" early to mid 70s single fin...Sunset Surfboards shaped by Bill Shrosbree. Pintail, rounder nose, turned down rails, real hard through the know the kind.   It looked so fun, but I never got a chance to give it a ride...untill today. 

Nice template...stick on leash plug.

Really fun rider, held in nice and had some down the line speed to help out with our quick little peelers. Caught waves well and was pretty manueverable...brought me back to my days as a grom.  Man, this board's shape was way ahead of its time.  It brought some stoke back to my surfing and I had a blast...just what I needed.


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